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Thank you for writing this.

Not one person in my life got very sick, let alone died, from covid. I've asked just about everyone I've come across over the last two years if they know anyone who died from the virus. In every single instance where someone had a friend or family member die, the person was elderly, obese, and/or had comorbidities.

Of course, anytime a human being passes away it is sad, especially for their loved ones. Still, the tragedy here is the harm that's been inflicted on children, the poor and other disenfranchised people because there was never a good faith public discussion about the cost benefits of the covid policies put in place. This calamity will be felt for a generation and it's incumbent upon us to make sure it never happens again.

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Perfectly stated Daniel. Was making a similar point in Emma Woodhouse's recent piece this week [1], it's absolutely insane that we are now supposed to treat the deaths of the elderly as a devastating tragedy which could have been prevented. Ludicrous.

I can't understand how stories like this one, which reflects on the unforeseen death of the original "first Covid Casualty", Marion Krueger, made it to print. It tells the story of an 85 year old woman who was recovering from a broken hip, acquired infections (including a bad UTI) in the hospital, declined for the next two months, and eventually died February 26th. After a PCR test they identified Covid 19 present. Which apparently causes hips to break and UTIs?

What alternate universe do people live in where they aren't aware this how roughly 2 million elderly people die each year in the US? Something goes wrong, then more things go wrong, and in a cascade your body fails, and you die. She made it to 85. Be grateful she had such a healthy and vibrant life. Cut this "she deserved another decade" bullshit. This is exactly how my grandparents died in their early 80's back in 2018 and 2017 and we celebrated the life they had without deluding ourselves they were owed another decade.

Amazingly, despite Covid apparently getting into nursing homes in the suburbs of Washington State in January of 2020, they had zero excess deaths until the fall of 2020 (even then in 2020 for Washington only had 3% more deaths than usual). Which is mind boggling considering they weren't wearing masks, schools were open, people where eating at restaurants that whole time people were spreading Covid around before it made it to Mrs. Krueger.

Thankfully everyone in Washington quickly got vaccinated by the end of 2020/early 2021 so that in 2021 they "only" saw a +14% increase in all-cause mortality. Perhaps if they would have matched the even higher vax rate of Vermont they could have beaten the Green Mountain States' impressive +16% all-cause mortality bump in 2021. (For some reason the media didn't bother following up on how Vermont had such a massive spike in all-cause mortality after they declared Vermont victorious over covid while noting the cases were skyrocketing [3])

[1] https://woodhouse.substack.com/p/start-spreading-the-news/comment/8901619

[2] https://abcnews.go.com/US/1st-covid-19-deaths-us-year-kids-grappling/story?id=76202200

Choice quote from this article:

"American nursing homes have been among the hardest hit by the pandemic, with at least 130,079 resident deaths according to government data." < REALLY??? Amazing coincidence that the place where we put the frailest elderly people before they die happens to be where people die!

[3] https://www.vpr.org/vpr-news/2021-12-01/why-vermonts-covid-surge-isnt-surprising

^This article is hilarious "There’s another factor at play that could help explain why Vermont, in particular, has seen such high case counts in recent weeks: Only a small proportion of residents have had a COVID infection. That’s not the case across the country."

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The human race is made up of a small percentage of psychopaths and sociopaths (estimated at ~ 3%). These people care not for the wellbeing of their fellow humans. The shrewder of them tend to rise to the top - particularly in fields were control and power is available - largely because they are prepared to do whatever it takes, to whom ever.

Society's problem is not so much these callously self-serving psychopaths.

Rather, Society's problem is the cowardly, unprincipled, apathetic people, too lacking in character to identify, acknowledge, and redress the misdeeds of the few psychopaths.

Regrettably, it is these apathetic, empty vassals who make up a large majority in our superficially democratic societies. They are the elephant in the room.

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Only deaths associated w/ covid I know were denied Ivermectin (even with family & doctor request), but were treated w/ Remdesivir & Vent.

But the death told in my age bracket (70’s) has risen (amongst vaxed). But it’s written off with no look behind the curtain. Altho 3 friends lost within 5 months - “heart issues” - SADS.

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I do know people who died because of in-hospital treatment with Remdesivir and intubation where early treatment with repurposed drugs was denied. It’s maddening!

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A lot of people were told that their relative or friend "died of Covid" because there were (and maybe are still) financial incentives to that label. For instance, the govt paid funeral homes up to $2K toward funerals of anyone who died of Covid: https://www.fema.gov/disaster/coronavirus/economic/funeral-assistance

Hospitals, too, were paid up to $100K per death, depending on whether they used a ventilator: https://www.bitchute.com/video/qzBbVu1WSw62/

The only ones who aren't paid and have NO incentive to speak are the ones TELLING THE TRUTH.


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If Covid only killed people who were just about to die from other causes, did it really kill anybody?

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We truly are living in the stupidest of times.

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I do not know one person who died of Covid, but I do know plenty of people who have died from the shots. I did not know them personally, but so many are dead!

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My wife’s dad’s girlfriend’s 99 year old dad with dementia supposedly died with Covid. I don’t know any other Covid deaths connected to me.

I had a cousin that had Covid put as the cause of death on his death certificate despite not dying with Covid.

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I think you spoke too soon actually Daniel. Just got some devastating news, actress Marsha Hunt passed away in her home at the young age of 104 today.

While Covid is currently not listed as the cause of death, we all know that healthy 104 year old people don't just suddenly drop dead. I guarantee if we were to run a PCR test at 40 cycles we would find Covid was what stole away her precious remaining y̶e̶a̶r̶s̶ ̶m̶o̶n̶t̶h̶s̶ ̶d̶a̶y̶s̶ ̶hours


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There's also a strange lack of acknowledgement that the covid death toll skews male. I believe males are about 55% of deaths.

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I know 3 people who died “of” Covid. One, a woman in her late seventies who toughed it out at home in NYC and finally went to a hospital where they probably killed her.

One, a woman in her 90s living in a NJ nursing home and the mother of a good friend. She was most certainly a victim of the insane bad policy, a la Cuomo, of putting sick people in nursing homes. Her very highly rated facility had a lot of regular staff either out sick or too scared to come to work. The home asked the State for help (big mistake) and rather than send them more staff, some idiot decided to evacuate the place and bus the residents to another nursing home where they would be packed in with their existing patients. They sedated (I’m not even kidding) the residents, some of them with dementia, and tied them on stretchers on a bus.

Imagine old people coming to in an unfamiliar place with strange staff who didn’t know them! Within 2 weeks, fully half of the 70 something residents were dead and surely all of them got counted as Covid deaths instead of the actual cause- bureaucratic ineptitude.

Surely in a nursing home, there’s at least one death a week but 30 something in 2 weeks?

The third person was my best friend, the Jennifer Arnold you mentioned. She was a dresser at Phantom of the Opera and was starting to work part time in what she called her “rehearsal for retirement.”

She had a fever on St Patricks Day but was otherwise feeling fine. She had a fibrotic lung condition which would have necessitated a lung transplant within a few years. She had oxygen tanks at home that she could have easily used if she was having trouble breathing. She and I both regularly compared oxygen sats with our pulse oximeters.

The thing is: with all the press coverage and fear generated, she just wanted a test. She had called her pulmonologist but was told there were no tests and she should try a walk in clinic. They also had no tests. She said to me “I thought Trump said that anyone could get a test.”

Finally, since she lived 2 blocks from Columbia Preys, she walked there hoping they would have a test.

They did and she was positive. This was early on when Cuomo was crying for ventilators. They had one and so they put her on it.

I turned off my phone and went to bed early that night. She texted me at 10:00pm to say she was positive, would be on a ventilator and would talk to me when she was off. Two weeks later they took her off and she was dead.

They tossed her body onto a freezer truck and she had a lonely funeral attended only by the rabbi.

I will always believe that had she stayed home with her oxygen tanks, she might have had a chance. Once she was in hospital, she was doomed. She died on April 1.

I realize this may not fit a definition of grand tragedy but it was a personal tragedy for me. Still it was not Covid but rather Covid protocols that killed her. In any other flu season, she wouldn’t have felt the need to go searching for a test.

I talked to her sister everyday when Jennifer was in the hospital, telling her what to ask when she got that daily brief update.

I continued to call her weekly after Jenn’s death until her own passing, a month after receiving the J&J shot, of sudden and unexpected- at least to her- heart trouble.

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I know someone from Scotland in her early 60s who died of covid-related issues (as it was called then earlier in 2021), but don’t know if she had any pre-existing conditions. Before her passing, she complained heavily of all the drugs they were pumping into her, which she didn’t even know what they specifically were for.

I read that some senior doctors in India criticised the use of steroids in younger people during their 2nd wave, which started April 2021, saying that it suppressed their immunity and led to their premature death. I was surprised they were still honest enough to admit we have innate immunity, a notion destroyed in many western countries thanks to the dominance of the false sole “drug-induced immunity”.

I was delighted to see a news clip of the new king arrive in London without a mask. He was greeted by totally unmasked people waiting there, who shook his hand. I even saw one woman kiss his cheek. Let’s only trust Frankenfauci’s view on anything when he admits that gain-of-function research should be completely banned!

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I know absolutely no one who died, even “allegedly” from COVID. My parents are in their late 70s so this includes their friends and acquaintances. From this same group, plus my own network of friends and family, I know of at least 10 people who were normally healthy, some very healthy, who died within days to, at most, a few weeks of getting an mRNA injection. You know, the “vaccines”. All were sudden death from cardiac events and/or strokes or blood clots. This includes an extended family member and family members of friends.

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